Andros is an island that can please many tastes and it is quite rare for anyone to be at a loss of things to do during their stay. First of all, the scenery is outstanding with lush vegetation, natural springs and pristine beaches. Andros has an abundant supply of water reserves and receives a considerable amount of rainfall each year, which explains the verdant landscape. Some geologists claim that Andros’ water supply actually originates from the mountains of Evia, reaching Andros through underwater aquifers found beneath the sea. Whatever the case may be, the water of Andros is famous, especially the spring of Sariza which is bottled, both still and sparkling and sold throughout Greece. There are about sixty villages with interesting architectural styles. Andros is a very wealthy island due to the long line of ship owners and seafarers that come from there and some of the villages like Chora and Stenies have stunning homes to admire.

This green and succulent island in the Cyclades is a pleasant surprise for most visitors, especially the southern part, of the island who expect a typical Cycladic landscape of rocky, barren hills and mountains with little vegetation and dry earth, especially in the summer. The terrain is mountainous with 3 verdant valleys and about 200 beaches, mostly sandy, to choose from. There are interesting caves to explore, biotopes and natural habitats, especially that of Ahlas, waterfalls, lush green forests and fertile valleys rich with citrus, olive, fig, almond and walnut trees to name a few.